Year In Review: 2012

December 31, 2012

It’s almost time to roll out the new year and celebrate! But before we say good-bye to 2012, here’s a recap of the past year with Best Of’s and Worst Of’s and everything in between.

 2012 Recap

 Top Selling Clip:
You Love the Cock

My Personal Fave #1:
Nothing But a Wallet

My Personal Fave #2:
Total Denial

Best New Film Sub:

Most Unique Clip Request:
The Most Dangerous Game

Clip I Wish All Slaves Would Buy and Comply With:
Clean Up Your Act

Best-Selling Category:
Masturbation Instruction

Most Ridiculous Clip Requests:
Steve F.

Most Useful Slave:
Slave Ronald

Biggest Spending Slave:
Luke G.

Worst Slave:
Michael Stefanek

Best Single Tribute:
$4,000 cash deposited right into my bank account by slave William

Strangest “Personal Item” Sold: 
Bread that was worn in my shoes all day long, sold and then consumed by a slave

Memorable Moment:
When my friends accidentally ate my slave’s cupcakes–complete with toe jam, saliva & more!

Best Vacation Spots:
Paris, France

and Copenhagen, Denmark

I know you’ve all enjoyed the past year with me. 2012 has been a fabulous year, both “professionally” (because that’s what I call this thing that I do, being an online Domme) to personally. I visited 14 countries this year! I made more money than ever before. I bought a new rental property to add to my growing list of real estate investments. I took up piano. I put my French and Spanish to use, in visiting both France and Mexico. I finally beat my boyfriend at racquetball. Oh, and let’s not forget, I got BANGS which make me look even more amazing!

I want to hear from you, too. What does your Princess Rene top list of 2012 include, pets? And what are your New Year’s resolutions for becoming my top slaves? The best resolutions will earn a special personal shout-out from me, so get planning.

Happy New Year!


Princess Rene

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  1. Mistress B says: December 31, 2012

    This was a fun read.! Happy New Year’s gorgeous!

    • Princess Rene says: December 31, 2012

      Thanks! Happy New Year to you and I will see you soon!

  2. billy says: January 1, 2013

    Happy New Year Goddess Rene. Thanks for a wonderful year Goddess Rene; 2013 is going to be even better.

  3. michael says: January 1, 2013

    Please…I tried to come back and do better, and you wont let me..please take my name off…?…please….

  4. Alex says: January 3, 2013

    Please delete my name..I am the ony one whose full name is posted? This is really not a good idea to have my name up there-please remove. Thanks.

    • Princess Rene says: January 3, 2013

      You can pay me to take it down. You’re welcome!

      • Alex says: January 4, 2013

        You dismissed me…you blocked me..just leave me behind..I have stopped contacting you until this happened. You have move on-I have moved on. Please just take it down-you decided we were history. Wipe the slate clean.

        • Princess Rene says: January 5, 2013


          • alex says: January 6, 2013

            Okay, since this doesnt seem to work, I will move to Twitter and see if any of your 7K followers may help me get my name deleted when I present my case. I dont want this to get ugly-please simply delete my name. I am past you and you are past me. Lets wrap this up and I promise to never contact you again.

  5. Luke says: January 4, 2013

    Most original clip: SuperBlow sunday; Most intense: 30 min JOI; Reminder that you have the best ass of all time: Itty-Bitty blue Thong; Most unpleasant feeling: Having mistakenly swallowed with a mouthful of soap. Then watching the clip twice (clean up your act). Most jealous of: slave anna / your bf when you where doing the hula-hooping. Made me whimper: How should I fuck my man tonite / Kissing Goddess Destruction; Unmissable clip: Barbie’s bitch.

    All of the above are reasons to show how lucky we are as slaves, to have you above us Goddess. We do not deserve such perfection and I hope in 2013 you will be more spoiled than ever

    • Princess Rene says: January 5, 2013

      Oh, I forgot about some of these! “30 min JOI” was definitely innovative. I’ve seen others copy it since. “Barbie’s Bitch” was fun & I may do another installment of that.

  6. Bolony says: January 5, 2013

    That’s a wonderful post, Princess Rene. I note a few other wonderful things: (1) you didn’t work in 2012; (2) you also visited many vacation spots in the US, such as NYC, LA, etc.; (3) you sold more clips than ever without really lifting a finger; (4) your outlook for 2013 is extremely bright; (5) you made good use of your excessive leisure time; and (6) you’ve become more snotty, bratty and elitist than ever!

    • Princess Rene says: January 5, 2013

      Yes – yes – yes! My life is pretty f-ing awesome.

  7. alex says: January 6, 2013

    Please delete my name. This request on this site doesnt seem to work. I am past you-and you are past me. I promise if you delete my name I will never contact you again. I dont want to move to your 7K followers on twitter to present my case….



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