Would I Date You?

January 27, 2014

Would I date you? I think you probably already know the answer to this question! But, what if you’re not actually a completely helpless loser? Do you still have a chance with me? Find out now in my new quiz! Click HERE to take the quiz. Feel free to post your results in the comment section below.



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  1. Moe "denied boy" says: February 14, 2014

    i love it. i took the quiz and it was fun to answer. the result was… well you know :)

  2. slaveboysmith says: February 28, 2014

    It would seem I am destined to admire you from afar, serve you at every opportunity and alas, never date you Princess. No big surprise there lol. I’m still madly in love with you, however, but please don’t tell my wife.

  3. billy says: March 2, 2014

    It nothing else I’m too old, here is the result:

    Would I Date You?
    Your Result: Hahaha. No.

    resultWhat? Just because you’re not broke or kinda cute makes you think you’re in MY league? No. Nice try, though. Hahahahaha. Go to HumiliationByRene.kinkbomb.com and stroke your sadness away.

  4. Robin says: October 7, 2014

    Hahaha. No.

    I didn’t expect anything else, even if my answers were pretty solid (by normal standards). I guess I won’t have much of a problem finding myself a nice girl somewhere; but I would much rather be PR’s slave, since serving her will always be infinitly more satisfying.

    I love the last question: “What is you’re ideal date?”. I mean, who wouldn’t want to lick PR’s feet all night long, for hours on end. Just the thought of it makes me rock hard.

  5. nequissimus says: December 31, 2014

    i thought that i will get 100 % but i got “only” 88 %! T-that’s not so bad is it?

  6. Anonymous says: October 30, 2016

    That was just too hot!!!!!!!! Please, more dissing quizzes like this one!!!!!


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