Valentine’s Day 2014!

February 14, 2014

Its 8am and my Valentine’s Day this year already rocks! Gifts have been POURING in from all of my devoted fans! Here is a glimpse of all of the amazon gifts my fans bought me this year, from diamond jewelry to expensive lingerie, fine wine and designer clothes:

These are from Slave Luke, Slave Ronald, Slave Trey, Slave AB, Slave Adolfo, Slave Brian… and I think I’m missing a couple of you in there. You boys spent over $3,000 on me for Valentine’s day so far–and that’s on amazon alone! I also received some gift cards and this special gift from @ProfessorWankly:

Many of your gifts have already started arriving – it takes work to open up all those boxes! I’ll have to have a slave come by and open everything for me next time.

My boyfriend will most likely top all of you guys. He brought me home chocolate covered strawberries last night (my fave!) and tonight we are going to a very luxe dinner at Bellagio at the restaurant where we had our first date! How romantic ;)

While I’m being wined & dined by my man, I have some suggestions for what you lonely saps can do…

“True Love”

“Jerk For Us & Be A Jerk”

“Ruin Your Valentine’s Day”

“All Alone on Valentine’s Day”

“Sweet, Painful Valentine’s Kisses”

“Pay For My Date”

Speaking of paying for my date… if any cuckold wants to step it up and pay for tonight’s fabulous dinner, tweet me @WorshipRene or shoot me an email

And, if you haven’t yet spoiled your Princess for Valentine’s day, what the fuck are you waiting for?! There’s no better way to wish me a happy day and show your love and devotion and appreciation for me by sending me a gift card! Gift cards should be sent to You can also still visit my wish list and get me gift from there!

Have a great Valentine’s Day, my little love-sick slaves!




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  1. Professor Wankly says: February 14, 2014

    I’m proud to be your slave, Princess! Thank YOU for the special mention! I feel high right now! :)
    I tip my hat to your other slaves & admirers. Well done, guys!
    Happy Valentine’s Day, Princess Rene!!

  2. slaveboysmith says: February 28, 2014

    I wonder how many of those gifts came at the expense of a husband spoiling his wife, a girlfriend having to go without. Of course, you deserve everything Princess. No other woman compares and the choice between wife/gf and Princess Rene is the easiest one there is.

  3. billy says: March 2, 2014

    It always thrills my soul to know that You are being treated properly as the Goddess You are..

    • Princess Rene says: March 3, 2014

      Good boy!


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