Top 5 Selling Clips of All Time

June 24, 2013

After doing my “9 Must Have Princess Rene Clips” post, I decided I should find out what my top selling clips of all time are. A lot of the clips I recommended in the aforementioned blog post are newer so, naturally, they won’t necessarily have sold as much as older clips. I have some clips that have made me thousands over the years, which is quite the feat considering they only cost like $7 each!

The following are my top 5 best selling clips ever:

5. “Forced Office Foot Bitch

4. “10 Humiliating Tasks in Under 10 Minutes

3. “Homoerotic Gay Training

2. “How Low Will You Go?

and, my #1 top-most selling clip ever, the clip that’s sold more than any other of the years is…

1. “Screwed By a Little Black Dress

Were they what you expected?

Now, I personally prefer my newer clips. Why? I’m hotter. They’re better quality, camera-wise. I wear far skimpier clothes these days. And, I’ve become much more adept at mindfucking you.

That’s why I’ll now divulge to you my top 3 selling clips so far in 2013. They are:

1. “10 Humiliating Tasks – Remake!

2. “Homoerotic Gay Training

3. “Training You Gay

Copy cat Dommes could really use this info! As you guys can tell, my humiliation clips and my forced bi clips sell quite well. But, then again, not everyone anyone can make the kinds of kinky, fucked-up, manipulative clips that I make!

What I recommend to you, my pervy fans, is to immediately go buy up my top sellers! If everyone else has enjoyed them, then you will too. Do you guys think these clips merit the “Top Seller” status? Did this list surprise you? The only one that surprised me was “Forced Office Foot Bitch” being on there. It’s so old, I almost forgot about it! Plus, its not gay training or humiliation like the others. Perhaps I’ll have to make more like that!



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  1. workerslut4Rene says: June 24, 2013

    Princess, no matter how hard they try to copy your style, your attitude and your topics for each clip you produce, they can never become you. They will never be as hot as you. They will never have boys respond to, and ache for, them like you do each day. You are truly one of a kind Princess Rene.

  2. Rene Worshipper says: June 24, 2013

    i am a new fan, Princess, and have already purchased 50 plus clips of Yours! i was drawn to YOU as YOU are one-of-a-kind….beauty, elegance and class all rolled into one! i will be buying these top clips right away and promise YOU will be hearing more from me. i started following YOU on Twitter and love the photos YOU post and how YOU share YOUR life with us Loser devotees :)

  3. Professor Wankly says: June 24, 2013

    I guess I’m not the typical devotee, because MY list would look very different. I’m going to make a list of MY recommendations, of what I think SHOULD BE the top selling clips. But don’t look for it anytime soon. It’s going to be quite a daunting chore to narrow it down.

  4. billy says: July 22, 2013

    i have 3 of Your top 5 selling clips that i have enjoyed immensely over the years. They are: #1, #2 and #4. They are certainly Classics Goddess Rene


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