September 19, 2011

September 19, 2011

I love being on TOP!!!

Check this out.

If you pull up categories on Clips4Sale, you get a list of the top 50 clips in that category. See below to see how ON TOP I am! Note that the images of the top clips below link to Kinkbomb, because its much easier to get a direct link to your product there but, if you prefer clips4sale click here to go to my store there!

So, you pull up “Cum Eating Instruction” today and look who’s #1:


Pull up “Forced Bi,” look who’s #1:


“Masturbation Instruction Category” #1 AGAIN (and #3):


“Pantyhose Domination” #1 AGAIN!:


Oh, and for good measure, I have the #2 clip in “Humiliation.”

I fucking rule this world.

I also have 10 clips in the Top 25 Sellers list!

All slaves should go buy all of these clips, if you don’t already own them. I was born to be on top and that is where I will continue to reign.



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  1. Anonymous says: October 14, 2011

    Hello Princess Rene,
    I do not know if she is one of your friend, but if not, you should check it :

  2. Anonymous says: October 21, 2011

    Hey goddess, its been a while since you’ve put out a religion clip. I love bowing down to you, let everyone know who the almighty god is once again!

  3. Eric says: October 28, 2011

    wtf?? is that wat u call a big, pretty penis… looks like its cancerous and been abused more than my runn shoes!!! is that who these tributes really goes 2? ui dancen monkey! & what is this the 1950′s? watz a man gota do @ see sum real violece??

  4. Princess Rene says: October 28, 2011

    Anyone with half a brain can tell that that is a dildo. Idiot. So, yes, that’s who these tributes really go to, a rubber dick. You’ve got me all figured out! 

    I received your email as well. No, I won’t be popping any slave’s eyes out of their eye socket with my high heel. I’m cruel, sure, but I’m not psychopathic. 
  5. billy says: November 28, 2012

    YOU were born to be on Top in All that YOU do GODDESS RENE, that is a Fact!.


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