September 18, 2011

September 19, 2011

Some updates…

I got this clip request yesterday. I receive all types of bizarre requests on a daily basis but this has to be one of the more nasty requests. Thought I’d share it so I’m not the only one gagging over the visuals this request conjures up:

Hello godess Rene,

i have a wish for a custom clip!

Tell us to froze a few loads of cum into cum-cubes before.
Tease us in hot latex outfit with stockings and high-heels – something like that! You know how you can tease us.
At the beginning you should tell us to put a condom over our cock and then tell us to put one by one of the cumcubes in our little asshole. Perhaps you tell us to play with our little cock while putting the cube up. So its going to be easier!?
Then tell us something you want us to do with our dildos an vibrators, but we arent allowed to use lube – cause the melted cum will be our lube. And tell us better not to loose a drip. If so will be punished! (your decision what our punishment will be!) While dildoing ourselves tell us again and again to take the dildo out and suck it (there will be some cum on it too )!
Maybe tell us to put a hole toy inside us (vibrator that’s ON) and put a tape over our little hole the whole way between our cheeks – so it couldn’t come out. If we aren’t shaved thats gonna be hurt! While we’re taped do some humiliation tasks, cbt an all the other cruel thing that are in your mind! Go an tell us the KINKYEST things you ever thought of – PLEASE!!!!! We do EVERYTHING!
Then tell us to cum in the condom. After that we should pull the condom off – but catch every drop of the load. Then untape our ass, fetch that toy out of our ass – but NOT loose a drop of that juicy loads that are even up there. Tell us to press the condom against our asshole, then we should press all the loads out off our asses into the condom and clean the toy by sucking it!
Perhaps tell us to clean our ass no with our toothbrush…
Then tell us to eat all the ass – cum – loads! Perhaps put the hole condom in our mouth in tell us to let it in there for ten more minutes, then swallow the cum or somethin like that. Be creative an KINKY and CRUEL!!!!!!!!
Let this one be one of the cruelest, hardest and kinkiest vid till now!!!!
Perhaps tell us to wear pantys and stockings. Perhaps let us take some pictures of ourselves and send it to you… or everyother kinkythoughts you have!

I will do everything for you!

<3 Your Slave Chris

Anyone else interested in putting frozen cubes of semen up your ass, along with other things? I mean, if a lot of you guys would like this I guess I could make the clip. Haha. EW.

Speaking of custom clips, my pet marky requested a custom JOI recently and its now on the clips4sale top 50 clips! This is the feedback I got from mark after he watched his custom:

On to that clip you made for me. OH MY FREAKIN GOD that was the hottest thing ever. The best money I’ve ever spent.
That clip should come with a health warning, cuz I struggled with a case of video induced priapism for two days.
It is still affecting me in glorious ways. You really REALLY delivered everything I hoped for and lots more.
Seriously, if you ever give up this profession you might consider psychoanalysis. You got in my head soooo well. I absolutely love it and am so smitten now it’s ridiculous.
Thank you thank you thank you!!

Interested in why he’s so excited? Get the clip here:

I had a great weekend, starting with the Tears for Fears concert on Friday night! It was an outdoor concert and it was a totally gorgeous night. Halfway through the concert (which was mostly standing room only with a few rows of seats right in front of the stage), my friend grabbed me and got us past the guards so we were right in front of the stage, in front of everyone in chairs! It was awesome! We rocked out to all their classics–”Shout,” “Mad World,” “Head Over Heels”…the list goes on. This band got popular before I was even born and they were still pretty damn awesome. I consider them one of those truly prolific bands. Plus, I fucking love 80s music. 

Yesterday I went boating on Lake Mead. It was hot, sunny, and the lake felt great! You’ll have to check out my twitter (@WorshipRene) to see the pictures I posted while out there yesterday.

To finish off my weekend, today I did a couple of slave sessions. I had another session with “piglet” (for lack of a better name, I need to come up with one stat for this guy). This is the guy that brags about how “macho”–that’s his word–he is and then the second he turns on his favorite clip of mine (Care to Challenge Me, Married Man?) he completely goes gaga and agrees to anything I want. Today he gave me all the information about where he works and agreed to wear lipstick for me. So macho, right? In a past session with him he gave me his wife’s name and email address and later didn’t even remember giving it to me he was so hypnotized during the session. I had to actually give him the info back to prove he’d given it to me because he didn’t believe it. Yep, I’m that mind numbing.

I also did a quickie $200 “jerk off onto your own face” session with edited for privacy, who I took back. Somehow he weaseled himself back into my life. I guess it was a combination of promises, money, and serious begging. But, it IS out of the norm for me to accept fools back into my menagerie once they’ve fucked up. There’s just something endearing about the way edited for privacy splooges all over his face for me. Ha.

Oh, and happy birthday to foot boy wayne.



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  1. sub-boss says: October 18, 2011

    I worship your feet Princess Rene

  2. Mike says: October 31, 2011

    I would love it if you made that clip goddess

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  5. Ray Johnson says: May 24, 2012

    Sooo many scrumptous things to feast at and love your facial expression.

  6. billy says: November 28, 2012

    Thank You for this wonderful update Goddess Rene, slave chris certainly has some weird thoughts. Thank You for the beautiful photo of You above.


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