September 16, 2011

September 16, 2011

Hello, pets. I just want to start off this blog entry by saying how fucking ROCKIN I am! Check it out:

Yep, I’m currently the #5 Top Studio on clips4sale! This is quite the achievement, I’m sure you all agree. I’m totally killing it this month with 3 clips currently on their Top Clips list too! You guys just can’t get enough of me lately but, I don’t blame you. I am pretty cool. I’m also holding down the #3 spot on Kinkbomb, where I also have several clips in the Top list! So, if you haven’t checked out my epic new clips, here a few of my new favorites that I’d recommend you snap up asap! 

Slave to My Pantyhose

Its been a long day and my hot feet have been scrunched up in these high heels and pantyhose all day long. I need some serious worship time. In comes slave martin to do the job. I have him massage my sweaty feet, sniff them, and kiss them. I force him to worship every square inch of these sexy pantyhose, kissing my ass in them, sniffing the damp part thats been up against my pussy all day long. I then finally slip off my constricting, sheer nylons and shove them in martin’s mouth, before having him worship my perfect bare feet. A foot boy’s dream cum true.

Make It Hot – CEI

I’m always doing all the work. Today I want YOU to do a show for ME! Come on, strip down and make it fucking sexy. Show me what a dirty, kinky little SLUT you are. Jerk your dick for me and in the end I want a grand finale. Yes, I want you to cum all over your face and mouth, slurp it up, gargle it, play with that jizz. Show me your best porn star performance! Be my naughty little cum slut–and make it hot!

Put To Work Backstage

The hottest dancer in the club asks you if you want a private lapdance backstage, in the “Champagne Room.” You instantly agree and soon a gorgeous blonde with a tight ass and perky tits is grinding on your lap, giving you a super sexy lapdace. Your mind starts to go numb as your dick gets hard. Soon she’s asking you all kinds of questions about whether you’re kinky and if you want to turn her on too. You just smile and nod at that gorgeous smile of hers. “It turns me on to see a man sucking off another man. Would you do that for me? In this secret back room, no one would ever find out!” Next thing you know, Rodney, the manager is in front of you with his big dick in your face and that bombshell dancer is coaxing you into giving him a blowjob! 

Anyway, I went hiking last weekend in the beautiful Red Rock Canyon with my sister, who was visiting me. Its so gorgeous there. Each time I go hiking I check out a new trail and they’ve all so much natural beauty to explore. Speaking of natural beauty, check out a few pics we took while out hiking:

In slave news: Been having lots of fun with my butt slut slave, which I will write about later. Been getting pampered from Mungy and ProfessorWankly. And had a good, mindfucking foot session with Dr. Foot this week. More slave updates to come later!



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  1. Danny says: September 16, 2011

    Hot new videos! Keep it going and you’ll be number 1! You should go hike Cathedral Rock in Mt. Charleston. It has an amazing view and it’s a very nice hike. Go during the week though it gets crowded on weekends.

  2. Professor Wankley says: September 17, 2011

    Love the picture of YOU arms out against the cliff wall. YOU are so pretty, it knocks the wind out of me.

  3. billy says: November 28, 2012

    YOU are truly ROCKIN my DivineGODDESS RENE Ruling Forever!


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