Portland + Alaska Trip

September 4, 2013

I just got home from a two week vacation and, although I absolutely love my home, I wish I could be on a constant vacation! I travel more than anyone I know. I just love it. I’m so glad I can just whisk away anytime and take weeks off, whenever I want. In the first week of August, I went to LA and San Diego; the last two weeks were spent in Portland (my hometown) and Alaska. I’d never been to Alaska before and I love traveling to cooler climates in the summertime. Recall that last summer I went to Northern Europe to escape the heat–Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Russia, and more. I also try to get home in the summertime because that happens to be the best time of year to go to Portland. Its so green, its sunny, the clear skies allow you ample views of the mountains on the horizon, and nature abounds. It was even warm enough this year for a tubing trip, floating down the Sandy River!

For this Portland trip, I went to the rose garden, did a dinner cruise on the Willamette river, ate lots of good food, went to Voodoo Doughnuts (my fave is the vegan cream filled), went to a Timber’s soccer game, tubed the Sandy River, and much more! It was an awesome trip, spent with friends and family. A really nice touch–my boyfriend called ahead and had 8 beautiful flower arrangements sent to our suite. Our room was filled with flowers all week and smelled sooo yummy. Every surface had a bouquet! Take notes, boys. Of course, if you follow me on twitter, you already got a sneak peek at this stuff!

 After a fun-filled week in Portland, we flew up to Seattle for a cruise to Alaska. We did the inside passage, to Ketchikan, Juneau, and Skagway, hitting up Victoria on our way back. We had so much fun–it was a fabulous trip. We hiked, we saw animals, we fished, we ate delicious food (lots of dungeness crab & salmon), we did a helicopter glacier tour, we dog-sledded, we tried lots of local brews. It was awesome. Alaska is so beautiful, so untouched. I feel like I saw trillions of trees. We saw bald eagles, seals, sea otters, reindeer, bear, whales… I can’t even keep track of it all!

If you ever do a cruise, you have to get a suite. It comes with lots of perks. First, its big: you get a living room and separate bedroom, large walk in closet, mini bar area with sink and fridge, huge balcony, jetted bath tub with separate stand up shower, and the water closet has its own room with its own sink. We got free laundry service so our clothes were freshly laundered and pressed daily. We had canapés delivered to our room each afternoon–smoked salmon with caviar or chocolate covered strawberries. We had fresh fruit in our room at all times, as well as a lovely floral arrangement. When we weren’t off exploring Alaska, we were relaxing at the spa or dining on our private balcony. It was fab!

Really, though, the best part about the suite was that balcony. We got to see such beautiful scenery sitting out there. Its the kind of scenery you could just sit and stare at for hours, sighing.

Here are some pics from Alaska:

Check my twitter for even more pics of my trip!

Though super fun and memorable, this trip was certainly not cheap. The suite in Portland was over 2k for the week. The cruise was about 8k. I spent over $400 on internet alone on that damn ship! So expensive.

If you’d like to contribute to your Princess’s vacation, like any faithful fan would, do so via Kinkbomb: $25 $150 $500 

You guys did a great job continuing to serve while I was away. I stayed in the Top 15 Studios on clips4sale and Top 3 on Kinkbomb while I was away. I came home to several boxes of gifts. Well done, boys! :)



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  1. Billy says: September 4, 2013

    I really enjoyed this blog update Goddess Rene; thank You for it and for the beautiful photos You have shared with us. It is easy to see You really enjoyed Yourself just as You should do year-round Goddess Rene.

  2. Goddess Jasmine says: September 4, 2013

    OMG, super amazing trip. I bet you couldn’t get enough pictures. Alaska seems incredible & those pictures with the pups are adorable.

    • Princess Rene says: September 4, 2013

      It was awesome! Looking at this post, I should have posted more pics of the beautiful Alaskan scenery. I posted some to twitter. I loved it there.

  3. Professor Wankly says: September 4, 2013

    Thanks for the vacation report, Princess Rene! It sounds like an unforgettable trip. I love seeing and read about YOU living the sweet life (or, as the Inuit call it, the Dolce & Gabbana). I’ve got a couple of things pinning me down and haven’t been able to travel as much the last couple of years, so it’s nice to be able to experience it vicariously through YOU, and I’ve always wanted to go to Alaska. It looks fantastic. YOU look fantastic. So much natural beauty! It’s overwhelming! YOU are the kind of scenery I could just sit and stare at for hours, sighing. And I do.
    I think I would’ve had to stuff that puppy in my jacket and smuggle it home with me.
    Thanks again, Princess! I’m glad YOU had such a great time!

    • Princess Rene says: September 4, 2013

      Don’t you mean snuggle it home?! ;)


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