November 18, 2011

November 18, 2011

 Has anyone seen my new “Breast Addict” clip yet with my girlfriend Lani? Its pretty damn sexy.

Speaking of Lani, she’s admired what I do for years now but she was in a relationship with a very powerful guy locally and didn’t want to “tarnish” his business reputation by getting into the scene. I tried to tell her that this is all fun, LEGAL, adult play but, alas, she decided she was too busy with work and school and whatnot anyway. Well, Lani is freshly single and has decided to delve, just a bit, into the FemDomme world. She’s hot, she’s a snob, and she’s been using guys for a long time. She has more male-bought Gucci bags than any girl I know. Check out some of the sexy ass clips I filmed with her and be sure to look out for more clips with the gorgeous Hawaiian Goddess Lani and I soon! Click any of the pics below (or the one above) to get more details:


Yep, Lani is part Hawaiian…and you can tell by her pretty, tan, voluptuous figure and long, thick, dark hair. Ooohhh…speaking of Hawaii, I’ll be there in 5 days! I’m so excited! Of course, my pets are paying for the trip. I posted this pic on my twitter already but I’ll repost it here because I think its pretty fucking awesome:

Yep, I’ve saved up $2,750 in Marriott gift cards to spend on my hotel, spa, food, salon, etc. while on vacation. All paid for by slaves. Gotta love it! I’ve already booked an 80 min. “Magic Island” Couples Massage for the day we get in to kick start my luxurious, tropical vacation! 5 days and counting…



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  1. billy says: November 28, 2012

    This update is great Goddess i have no doubt YOU will enjoy the vacation. i noticed YOU and Ms Lina have a hair clip together, that one is going on my wishlist.


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