November 16, 2011

November 16, 2011

Whats up, my little pathetic peons? Thought I’d grace you with a blog post to enliven your boring, miserable existence. Here it is…

Slave News

My old slave, edited for privacy, who was removed from my menagerie of pets this summer has somehow (ok, with lots of money) clamored back into my life. But, we now have some strict guidelines which he must follow at all times so we don’t venture back into that disobedient territory in which he once trod. We’ve been doing regular sessions, where I’ve slowly been easing him into becoming my personal cum dumpster. He’s into self-facials (yeah, gross) but he would never open his mouth and take it all for me. Well, this past week, we finally had a successful, full load swallow. So, congrats to edited for privacy for getting all kinds of disgusting for me, finally. 

Another slave, who remains unnamed but I will refer to him as MS for now, keeps trying to resist me and its quite pathetic. He’s the type who’s older, not hideous, well educated, and has a high power career and therefore thinks this all equates to being “macho” and superior. Through several sessions he’s tried to resist me and has never succeeded. Our last session, he really tried to shore up his manliness and was extra determined to resist me. He even challenged me on twitter:

Isn’t it delightful? At first I was really irritated with this insolent little “man” but, admittedly, it was a little fun to test my skill in whipping men down and turning them into groveling little puppy dogs at my feet. The immediacy with which this so determined man fell brought me much pleasure. He subsequently paid me $75, gave me his full address and work position (a pretty powerful position in a well-known establishment), and anything else I desired. I even had the pleasure of popping his findom cherry by taking him shopping on my amazon wish list for his first time. The next day, he found himself still stuck in sub space, as you can see from his tweets to me:

Anyone else care to challenge me? 

Last night I got a lovely email from my little addicted ButtSlut apologizing for not contacting me while he was in Vegas. I was out, drinking, and tweeted him something like he should invite my girls and I to his VIP table for a drink. I knew he didn’t have the balls whatsoever to actually do this but apparently he felt really bad for not responding (which he should!). So, in apology, look at all the pretty, expensive French lingerie, 18 $25 movie gift cards (I’m not paying for movies for the next year!) and other goodies he snapped up off my wish list last night:




I love expensive lingerie and sleepwear and ButtSlut loves to buy it. We get along just fine.

Anyway, boys, that’s it for now! Check back soon for more updates on the most gorgeous Goddess Rene!



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  1. billy says: November 28, 2012

    It is so enjoyable to see so called macho guys falling before YOU striving to learn their place in YOUR Magnificent Life GODDESS


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