My Issue With Sissies

March 12, 2014

Sissy boy. When I use this term I mean a male with a fetish for acting girly, not just an effeminate male.

So – sissy boys. I’m not a big fan. Sure, it can be amusing to get a guy all dolled up to make him prance around – and even more so when they look a hot mess doing it. But, I’m not really fond of sissies. Why? Because they’re poor. Seriously, in my experience, sissies tend to be broke as HELL. For some reason a lot of sissy boys tend to be just that – boys. They’re super young, fresh meat, first delving into the fetish world. They’re college-goers who’ve discovered they feel sexy when they wear a thong. These newbies are generally much more interested in their own humiliation (or whatever) than actually serving a powerful female and without even part time jobs, they’re of no interest to me.

Now, not all sissies are 20 year old twinks. Some sissy boys are actually grown men. I’ve even done cam sessions with old grandpa sissies (talk about creepy!). However, these old sissies still tend to be broke. Here’s my theory: a sissy is a male who doesn’t feel like he’s a male. He doesn’t feel strong or masculine. In fact, he probably lacks (purposely or not) those inherently male traits – like assertiveness, aggression, courage, and drive. Don’t get all sexist on me here, women can be ALL of those things and more! But, sissies tend to go to the extreme when flaunting their female traits. Some get really into the limp-wrist thing (when have you ever even seen a female do that?) and they tend to wear the most garish of makeup – 1980s hot pink lips, anyone? Sissies are often shy and giggly and obsessed with their appearance and outfits. They emphasize being submissive and ditzy or demure. I’ve surmised that this is why sissies don’t have the high powered corporate jobs that interest me as a financial Domme, because the traits needed to garner these jobs go against who they are. While I have dealt with (and continue to deal with) many subs who are doctors, lawyers, stock brokers, professors, etc., I’ve yet to meet a sissy in one of these professions. Most sissies I’ve met are broke. Broke means I’m not interested. I enjoy dominating and humiliating slaves–however, if there are thousands of you out there willing to pay for the honor of being dominated by me, why would I dominate one of you for free? I wouldn’t. I don’t have to. I’ve been able to turn my penchant for being Dominant into quite the lucrative career. Yay me. Broke sissies are out!

I’m probably generalizing a lot here. If you think I’m being a major bitch and disagree with me, feel free to comment below! The reason this whole thought process came about was because a sissy fan recently commissioned a custom clip by me and it got me thinking. To all you sissies out there, don’t cry! If you’re willing to PAY I’m willing to play! See:

“Sissy Hormones”

Custom clip. Are the female hormones I gave you working, Felix? Or should I say “Felicia?!” Oh yes, I can tell by your new hour-glass figure and apple bottom that you’re turning into a girl! You just love your bubbly new booty, don’t you? Show me how you prance around, wiggling your bottom, beckoning the boys. You stick out that ass and just hope that some big man will come by and grab it HARD! And by the way, Felicia, the ONLY way you’re getting pleasure from now on is by getting fucked in the ass… your tiny little dicklet (or should I say clitty?) is of no use to you now!

[Includes sissy training, forced femme, femdom pov, humiliation, female supremacy, anal training, submissive sluts, forced bi, cock tease, goddess worship. Shot in HD.]

If you’re into the sissy thing, you can still certainly get your fix in my clips4sale and Kinkbomb stores! I haven’t completely written you girls off!

Here’s one of my favorite POV sissy clips, which I highly recommend:

“Humiliated Sissy”

Today you’re going to become my humiliated sissy boy. Make sure you have your pretty sissy panties ready, perhaps a bra, and a marker too. I’m going to make you put on your silky sissy panties and wear them all day. You’re a sissy slut underneath it all and I know you’re going to be so excited to wear your sissy panties. When the day is done I’ll even let you rub your cock on your pink panties and cream them. Come on, slut, get your humiliation dose!



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  1. billy says: March 12, 2014

    I agree with the conclusions You have arrived at Goddess Rene with regards to sissy’s. Your time is very valuable and getting paid for it is paramount.

    Remaining in Awe of Your Beauty Goddess Rene.

  2. Madame Says says: March 20, 2014

    I’m glad someone has said something about the nuisance that is most sissies. I for one cannot stand them as they are far too self-obsessed to be entertaining to Me. It’s all about them when it should be all about Me, and I guess, I’m just not interested in sissies on a whole. I’ve also yet to meet a sissie who can make it worth My while financially. The only sissy I currently converse with is an exception because I actually like the guy as a person and him being a sissy is extra to it, but we’ll see how long that lasts!

    • Princess Rene says: April 10, 2014

      Great point! They are all about them, when it should be all about the Domme!

  3. pryor_jeff says: March 26, 2014

    You are wonderful . You are magnificent. it is an honor to become Your slave in any capacity. Thank You Goddess

  4. pryor_jeff says: March 27, 2014

    Princess it is an honor to crawl on the floor before You . licking the bottom of Your shoes is a privelege

  5. lizi says: April 27, 2014

    Princess Rene you are absolutely right most of us sissies are loosers with small pussies and we dont make much. We are sissies who are mostly virgins living at home. So we start to try and turn gay or we should because we are pussies so we should become fuckin fagots. Perhaps someday we can get a job talking to men who like to fuck sissy fagots so that we can make more money and pay you tribute. Thank you Princess Rene for the clips you have made for us sissy fagots to help us understand what we are. I kiss your feet.


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