May 16, 2012

May 17, 2012

UPDATE 5/23/12: We have a winner! My favorite caption comes from “AllHailRenee” (even though the dipshit spelled my name wrong. Unless he’s talking about a different girl…). The winning caption: “This one is outta ammo!” For amusing me “AllHailRenee” will be sent a 50% off Kinkbomb coupon!

Caption this!

I was editing a clip today (featuring the supreme Bitch, Ceara Lynch) and stopped on the following still. It cracked me up. Sometimes I inadvertently pause on some pretty funny moments. Anyway, I thought it would be fun to do a Caption This! contest for my blog readers. Leave a comment on this blog post as your entry. I’ll pick whichever caption I think is best, whether witty, sarcastic, funny, whatever. The winner gets a sweet Kinkbomb coupon. I’ll leave the contest open a few days. Good luck!



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  1. Sf says: May 17, 2012

    Rene, you were so drunk that you let slave follower honk your horns!

  2. AllHailRenee says: May 17, 2012

    “Damnit Renee, I told you that tiny man would die in there.”
    “I like to sail, but I LOVE to motorboat.”
    “Ceara, are these my curtains or my drapes?”
    “This one is out of ammo”

  3. Paul says: May 17, 2012

    “See, I told you they don’t feel like bags of sand”

  4. sf says: May 17, 2012

    Rene! You were so drunk, you let slave follower honk your horns!!

  5. Humiliatrixslut says: May 17, 2012
  6. billy says: May 17, 2012

    Are those really real Rene?

  7. Wayne says: May 17, 2012

    I don’t know. They always say just squeeze and it’s sop pose to perk up. The other one did.

  8. Eric says: May 17, 2012

    Thank you ! ;)

  9. Professor Wankly says: May 17, 2012

    Princess Rene: “Damn! When the guys see me in this, they won’t know what to grab first – their dicks or their wallets! My tits are absolutely hypnotic!.”

    Princess Ceara (dreamily): “Yeeeaaah.”

    Princess Rene: “I look sooo hot!”

    Princess Ceara (dreamily): “Yeeeaaah.”

    Princess Rene (dreamily): “Yeeaaah.”

  10. Lamespard says: May 17, 2012

    Ceara : “Damn, Rene, no matter how dominant I am, you’re so hot that I could easily be enslaved by your perfection !”

    Rene : “I know, girl, and I have to admit I’m no far from entrapping myself…”

  11. tekilakid says: May 17, 2012

    Damn Rene where do you get your nails done? They are so hot!

  12. Mark Hill says: May 17, 2012

    Oh….so THAT’S how Barbie does it!

  13. Mark Hill says: May 18, 2012

    Oh,…so THAT’S how Barbie does it!

  14. MSB says: May 18, 2012

    Rene: I think this one is bigger. I’ll call her “Big Lefty.”

    Ceara: Titties… Oh, sorry; I skipped breakfast.

    - or -

    Ceara: Yeah, keep going… That’s it…

    Rene: But the doctor said I don’t need another breast exam for a month.

    Ceara: Shut up and squeeze the other one!

    - or -

    Rene: Hang on, I need to scratch this itch.

    Ceara: That’s quite alright, dear. You sure you don’t need help with that? Nomnomnom.

    - or -

    Rene: What, is there something on my boob?

    Ceara: Yeah, you almost got it though. Almost there.

    Rene: Where?

    Ceara: What? Never mind. Now squeeze the nip.

    Rene: But -

    Ceara: Just do it!

  15. michael says: May 18, 2012 can I enjoy these puppies with only one hand…?

  16. michael says: May 18, 2012

    yes, ok its true… my left boob is a little bigger…

  17. BetaKink says: May 19, 2012

    yeah, I posted yesterday or so as @nahalsorek… now I’m @betakink. fyi.

  18. Tequilakid says: May 19, 2012

    Damn Rene where do you get your manicure? Your nails are so fine

  19. kris says: May 19, 2012

    hello? Can you hear me now?

    Stevie wonder gives them two thumbs up!

  20. Lithquil says: May 19, 2012

    “I wanted to tell them to stop staring at my breasts, but have you seen them? I can’t stop looking at them myself!”

  21. whatever says: May 20, 2012

    “My tits are soooo nice. This loser totally doesn’t deserve to look at them!”

  22. Jay says: May 20, 2012

    Ceara’s Thought Bubble: “Her boobs & my lips, now that would sell. Yum”

  23. toby says: May 20, 2012

    Just one look at these and he gave thousands of dollars away.

  24. PJ Chas says: May 20, 2012

    Wow, Rene, for a nanosecond there I understood what it was like to be one of your pathetic, tiny-dicked loser slaves. I need a shower.

  25. kris says: May 20, 2012

    boob within a boob within a boob?

  26. Princess Rene says: May 24, 2012

    A for effort.


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