LOSERS for Rene

December 21, 2012

I recently posted Loser Task VI as part of an ongoing series and I’ve gotten a few great replies to the video. The clip entails sending me humiliating photos. Unfortunately for them, they didn’t follow through with all of my instructions, see, if they didn’t want their photos posted, they were required to send me $100 tribute. Many quickly tributed to prevent their personal photos being posted but these guys didn’t, so here is a small line up of those losers who so desperately wanted my attention. Next time they’ll remember that I’m serious when I say I’ll post their pictures online if they can’t pay up on time!


My Twitter followers will remember this loser.

Here he is again after the most recent humiliating task. Pathetic!

Slave Billy

Billy was a good boy and sent in his monthly tribute, but he forgot to send in the appropriate tribute instructed in the video (so now I’m posting his pics!)… Poor Billy. Isn’t he a good slave, though? He’s so obsessed with me. Always quick to please. I hope these pics don’t gross you guys out too badly! He is an old fuck.

Slave Mark

I bet he had a great night with that IcyHot!

Anyone else care to play? You know you sluts love humiliating yourself for me.



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  1. billy says: December 21, 2012

    First allow me to Thank YOU for Your kind comments regarding me Goddess Rene.

    i really enjoyed “Loser Task VI” and i almost sent You even more embarrassing photos Goddess Rene but i was in a hurry to finish watching the clip Goddess. Since i am older and have been a follower of Yours for years i had an idea what might happen. Before i sent the photos You wanted i had an idea to prevent something just like this from happening it would require more $$$, i also knew i could not do any more than i had already done $$$ wise.

    But who am i to not follow Your Divine instructions; i knew it would give You something to blog about if You decided to do so. Not too mention i was so excited i could not wait to resume watching You regardless of the results of sending the photos to You. There was No Way to resist Your Beautiful Face, Your Long Blonde Hair and Your Seductive Voice Goddess, YOU Always Win.



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