December 30, 2013

Hey, hobos.

What I really want right now are new kitchen cabinets. My current ones are original (so about 10 years old) and not really my style. My kitchen is HUGE and my stainless steel appliances are great but the cabinets are just so-so. I can’t have JUST so-so in my life! I got a bid for $25,000. Of course, I could pay for this today no problem but, that’s not as fun or sexy as YOU paying for them for me.

As such, I’m collecting home depot gift cards. They have a whole home re-model company that can re-do the cabinets and make them fabulous. If you’re buying panties or a custom clip, I’ll probably ask for these for now.

I expect each and every one of you reading this to contribute something – fuck, even $10 helps, though you know you should be contributing much more. Send me home depot e gift cards by clicking the pic below & make sure to send them to! Feel free to empty out your savings & just get me the whole 25k too!



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  1. billy says: December 30, 2013

    You certainly don’t deserve just so-so in any area of Your life Goddess Rene. This a wonderful opportunity for one to be of use to You.

  2. babibubebo says: December 30, 2013

    princess rene please make a clip about tit massage and worship

    ur tit is massaged by lesbian slave who have flat chest
    and u taunt her about how sexy ur tit

  3. pryor_jeff says: January 5, 2014

    We as slaves must do whatever we can to serve Princess Rene . We must save and work harder so She as our Owner lives a great life and our reward is being allowed to exist in Her world


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