Foot Night 2/27/14

February 28, 2014

Last night I attended my first Foot Night Las Vegas party. For those of you who don’t know, Foot Night is a fetish party where foot fiends can mingle with foot fetish models & get the chance to worship lots of feet! Of course, for foot boys, this is a total dream come true. Being very fond of foot worship myself, I’d always been interested in attending a Foot Night event and I have to thank Shauna Ryanne for hooking me up with the people who run the event and encouraging me to go!

The whole thing was sort of like a strip club – sans the girls taking off their clothes. Hot chicks in sexy high heels walked around, chatting with each other or prospective foot worshipers. Guys have the opportunity to worship the girls’ feet at the rate of $20/10 minutes (a great deal, I think!). You can go to private rooms for your foot worship session or just hang out in the main area. As awkward as this all could have been, especially since I was new to Foot Night, my extensive experience with foot boys left me at ease and all of the males in attendance were really sweet.  Most of them were quite starstruck and giddy to even have the opportunity to meet me. There were adorable baby-faced guys who promised they were 21 but didn’t look it, doctors, fellow fetish producers, businessmen, one really old guy… a pretty diverse group.

I allowed a few of them to worship my perfect peds and they were all beyond excited. Some guys really just wanted to chat and ask questions while they massaged my feet, others were into domination. I did a bit of face slapping and verbal humiliation, which is always fun. One guy brought a bag of Louboutin boots with him, which I found amusing, and one pair happened to fit me perfectly so I pranced around in the sexy boots, modeling them, and forcing him to worship them.

All in all, I made some money, mingled with some friends who I already knew, and networked with some cool people. The bonus is, usually after a night out my feet are killing me but, last night I went home with pampered peds!

Here’s a pic a fan snapped of me in the Loubs:

I know how jealous all of my long-standing fans must be. Why don’t you cheer yourself up and get a little virtual foot worship action in with one of my hot foot clips!

 Foot Slave For Rene

Stroke To My Sweet Soles

Bratty Foot Worship

Jerk For My Sexy Shiny Latex Boots

Of course, I have plenty more hot foot worship, real time foot domination, boot fetish, and high heel fetish videos for your viewing pleasure at my Kinkbomb or Clips4Sale stores!



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  1. Professor Wankly says: February 28, 2014

    Sounds like fun – for your fans, anyway. I wish I could’ve been there! I hope YOU made some good money, Princess. YOU look amazingly beautiful (as usual).

  2. slaveboysmith says: February 28, 2014

    Princess, while you know that feet are not a fetish of mine, the prospect of you in sexy boots (definitely one of mine!) and the opportunity to interact with a Goddess like you in that atmosphere, well, let’s just say I wish I lived nearby. Sounds like an amazing evening was had by all. An evening of pampering…you deserve that.

  3. billy says: March 2, 2014

    It is wonderful to hear how You enjoyed Yourself at the Foot Night event Goddess Rene. It is nice that Shauna Ryanna hooked up for the event especially since You enjoy foot worship.

  4. danny says: July 25, 2014

    where is such heavenly place i want to be there so that your soft voice can guide me


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