February 2, 2012

February 10, 2012

Who wants a special Valentine’s Day treat from your Goddess?!

Last night I baked, live on web cam, some special treats for my biggest foot slut and I have some extras that I saved just for you losers. They are red velvet cupcakes and I really had fun mixing the batter with my sweaty feet. I’d been wearing pantyhose and boots all day long so my feet were nice and stinky too. After mixing the red batter (which was so gross because it looked like blood or something all over my feet!) I spit into the batter, for good measure, and popped them into the oven. After removing the cupcakes from the oven, I spritzed them with a little bath water that I put into a spray bottle and then frosted them using an old gym sock as my frosting implement. Can you imagine how delicious and magical these tasty little cakes will be?!

I have a limited number of these tasty treats and will disable THIS LINK TO BUY THEM either when they run out or on 2/15/12, whichever occurs first. Get them while you can!

To purchase one of these Loser Cupcakes, click the link and check out. In the “Notes” area, when you purchase the cupcakes, give me your mailing address as you want it to appear on the shipping label. And, of course, these will be shipped as quickly and discreetly as possible! If you have any questions, email me (WorshipRene(at)aol.com).

You’re welcome and enjoy this extra special treat from your Princess.



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  1. billy says: November 29, 2012

    Cupcakes now that is really being thoughtful of YOU GODDESS. The ingredients and mixing manner employed is awesome.


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