December 4, 2011

December 4, 2011

As most you of know, I went on a fabulous vacation to Hawaii
last week! Before that, I had a rockstar weekend. I got hooked up with free
tickets to see Katy Perry with my friend Lani and we spent the whole concert
partying up in a skybox that was full of delicious food and, of course, an open
bar. The next night I got free tickets to the UNLV basketball game, and the
night after that I joined a big group of my friends to watch LMFAO perform at
Marquee for Party Rock Mondays, one of the hottest parties in Vegas right now.
It was wild, to say the least! If any of you comes to Vegas and has a boatload of money to spend, Marquee is definitely where the party is at.


We left for Hawaii the morning of the 23rd. We
stayed at the Waikiki Beach Marriott because, of course, my pets paid for my
vacation via $2,750 in Marriott gift cards! The hotel room was only half that
for the week so my man and I really enjoyed hitting the spa (an 80 minute
“magic island” couples massage just after checking in to kick start the
vacation), ordering superfluous room service orders, dining on site, and
ordering drinks galore at the pool. There were lots of shops at the hotel too,
where I could charge my purchases to the room and then pay with my gift cards.
My whole hotel bill ended up costing my boyfriend $20. The rest was paid with
the gift cards. How awesome is that? But, its your duty, boys! Torgeir and
ButtSlut get most of the credit for the cards but a few others contributed as
well. The hotel was nice and our room had two different balconies! We had a
fabulous view of Diamond Head and the ocean.

I felt pretty ignorant when I looked out my window of my hotel and thought, oh, some big hills, pretty, and it later dawned on me that that was a perfect view of a 300,000 year old crater (Diamond Head). So, my boyfriend and I realized that we needed to learn a bit about Hawaii. We visited the Bishop museum and other sites to brush up on our history and culture. I feel like a learned a lot about Hawaii while I was there. It really is a special place (to sound all gay about it). The water is crystal clear, there are endless things to do for fun, and the people are really nice.

Anyway, while on Oahu we hiked Diamond Head Crater, paddle boarded
in Waikiki, visited some museums, meandered through the Foster Botanical Garden,
snorkeled Hanauma Bay, partied with famous surfers, hiked to Waimea falls,
swam under the falls in a jungle lagoon, hung out at North Shore, went to a
luau, visited Pearl Harbor, tasted some great grub, and had an all around amazing time! The weather was
perfect, like 83 degrees every day, and it was absolutely a tropical paradise.
I think I must have had like 20 pina coladas! It was one of the best weeks of
my life, and that’s saying a lot. Its also great to go on vacation and relax
when you know you’re not paying for most of it. Ha.  Isn’t it weird that the more money you make the more free shit you get? This has easily been the most profitable year in my 24 years and yet I’ve gotten so many amazing hookups. I guess I just have good friends. And loyal slaves.

One last thing, my pretty toenails got all chipped up what with all the activities and beach outings! So, he who pays for my next pedi gets to choose the color. Just send me a quick email or tweet.

Now, I’m back in Vegas and gearing up for a great holiday season. I’m non-religious so for me the holidays are all about the parties and gifts. I love shopping, naturally, and so I love picking out gifts for everyone for the holidays. I already got my two sisters some really cool shoes, sunglasses, bags, and clothes. So fun. I’ll be celebrating with my family up in Portland this year and then whisking off for a skiing trip in Vail on the 26th. You boys be sure to visit my wishlist! I expect each and every worshiper, from the lowliest minion to my top pay pigs to get me a gift for the holidays this year.



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  1. Johannes says: December 4, 2011

    Sounds really great, Princess! You deserve all the best there is in this world … And there is a lot…you are wunderful!! Have a Great Holiday season!!!

  2. Professor W says: December 6, 2011

    Looks and sounds like a great trip. Hawaii should be paying YOU to visit them. Paradise isn’t paradise unless Princess Rene is there.
    The trip to Vail sounds just as exciting to me. I LOVE skiing in the Colorado Rockies. I learned to ski in Aspen and spent several winters (and summers) there growing up. Love it. Hope YOU have fun!

  3. billy says: November 28, 2012

    Nice to see that YOU really enjoyed YOUR vacation; that is as it should always be GODDESS.

  4. billy says: November 28, 2012

    Sorry i failed to thank YOU for the beautiful photos that YOU chose to share with us.


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