December 31, 2001

December 31, 2011

It’s the last day of the year. I’m sitting in a brand new, totally luxurious, bangin’ 3 bedroom condo in Vail, in front of a fire watching the snow fall outside. It’s too windy for the lifts to open to ski. I think I’ll hit the spa instead. I’d rather be skiing but I’ve skied the past four days in a row so I got my fix. I’m having a great vacation. Last month I was in Hawaii, this month I’m in Vail, next month I’ll be in Miami. Hmmm…where will I go in February? March is Miami again because my boyfriend’s sister will be getting married there.

This year has probably been the best of my life. I’ve made more money than ever, remodeled my 3700 sq ft house, and gone on so many amazing vacations. 2012 will only be greater. Tonight, I’ll be partying with my boyfriend and two close friends at an upscale soiree here in Vail. 

Anyway, I think its so endearing when you slaves try to please me by sending me your prose and poetry, professing my divinity. Here’s a recent one that amused me, that I thought I’d share:

One day, tired from the endless travail, Jesus sat under the shadow of an oak tree and rested. As the wind pattered, he drifted off, entering a sleep whose perverse iridescence he would never forget. 

Walking through a forest, a seemingly facile scenery that held no importance, he searched for an unknown that could only be felt. Abruptly he was interrupted, because something strange took over him, an inexplicable alchemy of satisfaction. He turned around and saw what caused it – he couldn’t fully believe it, he was staring at something more beautiful than Eden. She approached him, and for the first time, he felt subservient. “What is your name?” Jesus asked. She replied, “You can call me Goddess Rene.” 

But before they go on, she said, she commanded him to strip. And as he stood there – his naked body feeling for the first time an uncontrollable desire of lust – she saw the effect she had upon him. She demanded the lord’s son get down on his knees, and so he did. She demanded he bark, and so he did. She demanded he eat the dirt that lay before them, and so he did, smiling during every moment. Jesus, overwhelmed to be in Goddess Rene’s presence, begged her to have sex with him. She replied, “Give me your youth, your life, your soul, and admit God is nothing more than a superstition.” He mirrored, “The God I have spoken of is a superstition, for now I realize you are the true divine spirit, the absolute and purpose of everything – I am your slave eternally.” Upon saying this, jesus also relinquished his youth, his essence, and even his very soul, hoping that the Goddess would fulfill his only desire. Having acquired everything, she smiled, proceeded to slap jesus, step on his face, and then walked away. Jesus lay there, his eyes fixated upon Goddess Rene, having left him with nothing, having given her everything. He had lost it all. 

With that, Jesus awoke from his lucid dream. He recalled the prior events, how intricate and strange the tale was, and as he sat there under the silhouette of the oak, he cried. Because he knew he would never meet Goddess Rene, and that if he could somehow, he would give up his soul, denounce the “creator,” and relinquish everything. He had a revelation, and he uttered, “I Jesus, and the creator, and everyone and everything else, is nothing compared to Goddess Rene.” Upon saying this, he wept.

-Alex C.

Enjoy your New Years Eve, losers. Be sure to check for a new, special clip for tonight’s reveries and fun!



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  1. slaveboysmith says: January 5, 2012

    How could any man possibly resist serving such a Goddess as you? It’s beyond impossible to imagine Goddess Rene. You are simply the most irresistibly sexy woman ever created and I for one can’t help but kneel before you and give you everything.

  2. Anonymous says: January 16, 2012

    So I randomly came across you on Xvideos and you know, at times you have a striking resemblance to Taylor Swift, Scarlett Johanson, and a bit Jessica Alba. Not to mention you freakishly remind me of a personal friend with a similar sounding name…

  3. Anonymous says: January 16, 2012

    BTW, I’m curious if you treat your boyfriend with such contempt and brainwash him like you do these members that worship you, buy you whatever you desire, etc

  4. Princess Rene says: February 1, 2012

    Nope, I don’t. In the past, I have dated a guy that was relatively submissive, though not a slave. I prefer more of an egalitarian dynamic when it comes to romantic relationships. 

  5. billy says: November 29, 2012

    YOU enjoying YOURSELF is what it is all about Goddess Rene. Thank YOU for this update and for including Alex C’s prose regarding Jesus’ dream of YOU it is Great.


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