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April 11, 2013

Okay, fucktards. Last week I launched a hott contest in dedication to myself. I wanted to see who worshiped me the most and who could demonstrate their devotion to me best. If you haven’t seen it, click here.
Here are some of the more noteable submissions I recieved. I honestly wasn’t very impressed but there were 2 entries I was very pleased with. They are the first 2 entries I’ve included below and it was clear that they spent a significant amount of time devoted to this task. Good job, pets!

Steven’s Cool Vid (which he said caused many burns! Love that.):

Professor Wankly’s Blog: 
I want to see more updates here!
The site needs some more work but overall I’ve decided Professor Wankly’s Blog best demonstrates the most devotion (that is if he keeps up with his posts!).  I can’t wait to see this site develop and see how much I’m loved. I want everyone to contribute.
So congratulations, Professor Wankly! You will be receiving a short complimentary custom clip from me to you!

The Rest:
M.G.’s Submission

John’s Submission:

Slave Stephy’s Prayer

From Your toes,instep, and gorgeous soles we pray
as we gaze up at Your long sultry sexy legs we realize Your superiority
as we marvel at Your vaginal flower and perfect butt that seems so soft yet hard as stone we pray to you Goddess Rene
Your belly is so flat, ripped and toned
Your breasts are perky perfection as Your arms are so femine yet muscular and strong
Your lips so full and Your face radiant as Your piercing and all-knowing eyes stair
right through our sole
we pray to You as we watch Your blonde manificent hair
Your intellect is so above , Your knowledge so vast
You are Divine
We pray to You, to Your beauty, power, and grace
You are more than human, You are Deity and to You we pray to make our lives complete
We kneel at Your feet and beg to serve, worship, and pray to Goddess Rene
For You are God

Albert’s Poem

Princess Rene I will Obey,
worshiping you is the only way

I love every word that comes from your perfect lips,
which is why I’m addicted to buying your clips

it shouldn’t be possible to be so pretty and smart,
you’re body is like a work of art

Only for you I am a slave,
I keep coming back for your humiliation I crave

Your golden hair like the sun in the sky
is unstoppable just like your amazing brown eyes

I would love to be under your ass or feet,
because in every way you have me beat

You get in my head and control my mind,
I do every task that you have assigned

On my knees I will worship and pray,
I check your site every night and day

For Princess Rene this may be too modest,
because I am your pet and you are my goddess

Seduced by your power and beauty
to be your slave is my only duty

thank you so much for everything you have done,
Princess Rene you are number 1!



Now, for the real challenge to you all, you will go to my Wish List if you really do worship me like you say, and sacrifice whatever you have to this week in order to splurge on me.

You’re welcome!



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  1. Professor Wankley says: April 11, 2013

    Thank YOU, Princess! I’m glad YOU like it. If I’ve pleased YOU, then I’ve won two prizes.


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