The 12 Days Of Humiliation Song

December 25, 2014

One of my slaves made this very cool 12 Days Of Humiliation song for me! It’s very humorous and hot! Enjoy! CLICK HERE TO VIEW VIDEO

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Why I Haven’t Posted On My Blog Lately

August 26, 2014

Many subs have been asking me why I haven’t posted to my blog lately. The answer is that I post regular Vlogs to my member’s site so if you are really interested in keeping up with me, join my member’s site! It’s less than $40 a month and its well worth it. Ask @professorwankly or…

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4/11/14 Update

April 11, 2014

Hello, fans! Did you see yesterday’s blog post? It’s pretty amusing. I wanted to do a little update today. I don’t post that regularly on my blog these days because I lead quite the busy life. I do, however, post diary vlogs in my member’s site so if you like hearing about what’s going on…

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Fan Art: Beat It!

April 10, 2014

One of my fans has made a fun little mp3 for me! I (usually) love when you guys try to get creative in your servitude, particularly if it can benefit me either financially or in a promotional aspect. Anyway, his endeavor turned out pretty hot! Enjoy: x Rene

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pop art quotes_2

My Issue With Sissies

March 12, 2014

Sissy boy. When I use this term I mean a male with a fetish for acting girly, not just an effeminate male. So – sissy boys. I’m not a big fan. Sure, it can be amusing to get a guy all dolled up to make him prance around – and even more so when they…

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