Adult Entertainment Expo 2013

January 14, 2013

I’m happy to announce that AEE is almost here!

For the next week I’m going to be attending the AEExpo, filming, and partying at top Vegas venues with some of the most lucrative and sexy people in the industry and the entire team. To name a few, look out for new videos and blogs featuring Princess Lyne, Ceara Lynch, Domme Kyaa, Bratty Bunny, Jason Ninja, Shauna Ryanne, and Lindsey Leigh.

This will be your best – in some cases only – opportunity to request custom clips featuring these top dommes. SO DON’T WAIT! Confirm your custom on KB asap [Custom Request] and notify me through email.

I know how long you’ve all been waiting for this and there were so many requests to worship the ground I walk on in person for the next week that I couldn’t have ever possibly accommodated them. So this is the perfect chance for you, pets! Since I’ll be completely booked this week, your only hope of getting one on one attention from me will be through gifts and tributes. And I want it all!

My Amazon Wish List | KB Tribute | Marriott gift cards | Alaska Airlines gift cards | Lingerie

Or just treat yourself to a juicy clip, instead! Either way, I’ll expect everyone to keep coming back for updates on the crazy and exciting nights that lay ahead.





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