30 August 2012

August 30, 2012

Before I left for my Euro vacation, a certain slave challenged me. I now own Michael S.’s ass. Check out this email he sent me after the last web session we had. It was supposed to be his final test to see if he could resist me. HA! He should have known better than that. How pathetic. I can’t wait to show him what being a little bitch really means.


Let’s allow Michael to explain his situation:

“So I started as an “alpha” male, with my PhD, history of jobs in leading academic and medical centers, well published in my field, very fit, athletic, lift weights, ran a marathon….and now I am Princess Renes slave. After several sessions where I kept trying to resist, this time, with Worship Goddess, Get Your Dose, and Kiss My Royal Ass playing over and over as we IMd, I collapsed. I drank my wine as the screen grew and the only thing I had in my tunnel vision was her ass, her voice and her IMs….I ended up admitting that she was my superior, that I was helpless, unable to understand how I got so weak and was absolutely unable to pull myself out. I have never felt so helpless and under another persons total control. I gave her personal information I know I shouldnt…I even gave her my twitter user and password….I have become a total male dishrag..not only for money over time, but anything she orders.I am certain that 30 seconds of Kiss My Royal Ass and I will be right back being a male lump. We had discussed me being a slave to her dog, and thankfully she did not push this…can you imagine moving from an “alpha” male to being a “bitch’s bitch”???? I realize that if she decides she has a gf in my geographical area who needs chores done or grocery shopping completed, or even a gf’s gf, I will need to obey. She showed her boyfriend my IMs and when I made a last gasp attempt to protest and demanded she apologize, she sent me back to the videos, and I become a meek, mild wimp. I really dont know how this happened-how she makes me feel this weak and submissive-but it has, and I have no answer to it. I am now at her mercy…she knows that if I am not a “good boy” that she can send me to her video and I will cave..if not, she could threaten to dismiss me, and if that didnt work, perhaps the personal information I gave her she could use…so how do I escape? And when I watch the videos, I dont want to…she convinces me that an alpha male under a womans power is where I should be and I become convinced I should shut up, and please her.

I am not sure what plans she has for me, but at this point, I will obey and please here. No one who knows me would believe this, but here I am.”

Anyone else care to challenge me?




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  1. Nicolas says: September 6, 2012

    I wish I had the courage to be this guy.
    I think he doesn’t realize how lucky he really is.
    I’m too scare to call or contact. So even being beneath renee’s dog, he stands way above me.

    Spineless loser.

  2. Lionel says: November 2, 2012

    I discover you Princess Rene. You’re so Perfect !

  3. billy says: November 3, 2012

    i personally would not dare to challenge YOU Goddess Rene for there is No Doubt YOU would win quite easily.

  4. steveh456 says: November 30, 2012

    i would be honored to kneel at Your feet in devote worship. You are superior and i realize the power You copuld have over a sub like myself. I also live in vegas so i could possibly be useful. Please allow me to worship, Goddess

  5. Paresh says: December 1, 2012

    Well, i wish i had the money to be this guy. Damn, it sometimes feels so bad not being able to serve a Princess as great as Rene herself.

  6. Loyal Puppy says: December 3, 2012

    There’s No doubt you would win. But if it means to get any attention from you (good or bad) , I will gladly challenge you princess! -you’ve been called out!

  7. chris says: August 5, 2013

    I would like to challenge that. I just started worshiping You princess because of a little fantasy i had to worship a goddess but i dont really believe in full mind control. Maybe I could be wrong…


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