3 July 2012

July 3, 2012

As my faithful fans all know, I was on a fabulous tropical vacation for two whole weeks in June. I went first to South Florida (Boca Raton) to visit with family for a few days, where we had a gorgeous suite overlooking the ocean. I had fun making cucks & slaves pay for drinks, spa days, and room service while there. Make sure to check my twitter while I’m on vaca because I always post pictures and opportunities for cuckolds to pay for hot date nights with my man!



After Boca, we headed off to the Bahamas for five days, after which I spent the remainder of my time in Miami. I was not impressed with Nassau, which was grimy, smelly, and super touristy but, the private beaches that I spent most of my time on were unbelievably beautiful. I posted a twitter picture and one slave described the water as “invisible” and it’s a perfect description! It does have a blue-green tinge but it really is just crystal clear. You could see brightly colored, yellow and black striped fish swimming five feet down and I even spotted a little shark! We went to some waterparks there and fed some dolphins at this dolphin encounter place and spent a lot of time enjoying the sun and surf!







I’m generally a fan of Miami. It’s like going to Puerto Rico or something but safe. However, we were there for the beginnings of a tropical storm so we were faced with oppressive grey clouds and heavy rain for most of our stay. The beach was pretty much out, though I did snag a little shower free window to read by the surf and play some paddle ball with my boyfriend. We caught an indoor baseball game which was fun. The best part of being in Miami was when The Heat won the finals! My bf is a fan so we were routing along with the locals and once Miami won, the town went crazy! It was so fun. Everyone was dancing in the streets and high-fiving people in passing cars. People were banging on pots and pans and cheering late into the night.

Upon returning to Las Vegas I’ve been quite busy. It was my boyfriend’s birthday so I had a lot of planning to do. On Saturday we threw an outrageous party at my house (in attendance was Leah Star too!). We had an ice luge sculpted for the event, a live DJ, squirt guns full of alcohol, a 5ft tall birthday cake, and a ton of gourmet food. By 3am, we had ten people in the grotto which was full to the roof with bubbles! That’s just how we party, Rene style!

I thought I’d have a little respite during July, you know, to answer some long forgotten emails, grace the webcam with my royal presence, oversee the install of my new kitchen backsplash, and enjoy boating on Lake Mead. But, alas, my boyfriend just booked us a mid-July trip to NYC! I’ve already had several slaves beg for sessions while I’m there and I’m also trying to hook up with Lindsey Leigh and Bratty Bunny. But, between late nights at exclusive NYC clubs and parties in the Hamptons I’m going to be very busy! 

By the way, don’t think just because I’m vacationing a lot means you can sneak by without paying your monthly slave tributes and doing your duties. I want to see a lot more tweets from all of my fans promoting me and my clips sites this summer. That’s the easiest way to serve me for free!

Hey, you know what else is super cool? I have the #1 Faceslapping clip on all of clips4sale right now! It was really fun faceslapping the crap out of slave Andy. By the end of the clip my palms were stinging but, I guarantee his face was stinging for much longer! Click the preview image to snap up this HOT clip:


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  1. billy says: July 4, 2012

    Welcome home Goddess Rene; thank You for the wonderful update and all of the beautiful photos. It is a shame that tropical storm caused some problems for You.

    Have a fun in NYC and take care Goddess Rene.

  2. paul divers says: July 4, 2012

    Cant believe you were in town, and I missed you, I should be punished.


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