28 August 2012

August 28, 2012

Everyone has been begging for details about my amazing European tour that I just got home from BUT… I have a few things to blog about first! I had some fun with a couple slaves before I left for vacation. One such slave emailed me begging me to wear bread in my sneakers all day long, after which I’d send him the bread and force him to eat it! I was admittedly amused. He paid me $150 for this incredible honor. I put one piece of wheat bread into each shoe (my stinky Nike shox) and slipped those babies on. Let me tell you, bread does not make a comfortable insole choice! It was actually kind of itchy. So if anyone else wants some sweaty shoe bread, expect to pay even more than $150!

After a day of shopping and running errands in the lovely 105 degree heat of Vegas, I removed the mangled, squished bread from my sweaty sneakers. There were crumbs everywhere in my shoes and stuck to my feet! Wish I had the bitch there at my feet so he could clean them. Anyway, I promptly wrapped up the bread and sent it off to my perverted little pet.

Now, Matt was afraid that he’d chicken out and not eat the bread. But, I knew this might happen so before I agreed to do the deal I made him give me his address and phone number so I could blackmail him into eating it. When he contacted me and told me got the package, I gave the whole plan a little twist by forcing him to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich out of the bread and wolf the whole thing down. Of course, he complied! Here’s how he felt, in his own words: “i dont know if i have ever felt more pathetic in my life and i almost feel sick after eating it


Of course, now he wants some sweaty socks to sniff!



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  1. billy says: November 3, 2012

    Such a lucky little pet to have received something from You.


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