9 Must Have Princess Rene Clips

June 19, 2013

Often times slaves email me asking which clips I recommend. It really depends on what your personal taste is and what kinds of kinky things you’re into but, I do have a few clips that I consider “must have” Princess Rene clips. These are clips than any real fan of mine will own and love! These are not necessarily my most top selling clip but these are clips that I consider top notch works of art! The clips are:


Why do I recommend it? This clip is actually brand new! I really love it because its a different style of filming, where you can see all 5’8″ of me in all my glory while you (via the camera) bow at my feet. I look flawless and it’ll really mindfuck you.

“Get What You Crave”

Why do I recommend it? This is one of my top selling ass worship clips. Its a couple years old now, I think, but still as hot as ever! I look fabulous in that lingerie and, with my tight butt right up in your face, you will be left in a stupor.

“Screwed by a Little Black Dress”

Why do I recommend it? This is my top selling clip of all time. I haven’t even watched it since I released it FOUR YEARS ago! How crazy is that? But, the numbers don’t lie! It must be good.

“Care to Challenge Me, Married Man?”

Why do I recommend it? Fans of mine go on and on about how much they looooove this clip! And, of course, they always lose the challenge! I’ve ensared quite a few married men with this one.


Why do I recommend it? Brilliant concept (to toot my own horn) and totally, sneakily cruel. I LOVE doing clips where you guys think I’m indulging you but I really have another plan in mind. You can’t trust this pretty smile!

“Chronic Masturbator”

Why do I recommend it? This is the first clip of this genre I did. Since, I’ve done several “you can’t stop wanking because you’re addicted to stroking your dick” clips and every single one sells really well. I guess they just ring so true! (Also, I wonder what happened to that bra because that is fucking hot!)

“Two Times Humiliation”

Why do I recommend it? My humiliation clips are not to be missed! They are pretty epic. This one, I love because it was the first time I really decided to lay on the double dose of humiliation–before AND after you cum, when you’re feeling really bad about all the fucked up stuff you just did, when I can really lay into you about how demented you are. :)

“Naughty Office Boy”

Why do I recommend it? I look smoking hot in glasses.

“You Love the Cock”

Why do I recommend it? This is probably the first clip I started incorporating homoerotic images into. It was extremely well received and I’ve since done many other versions. You guys just love the cock! At least, when I tell you to you do! If you liked this clip then you’ll also love my new one, “Your Results Are In.” It’ll blow your mind.

This list was hard for me to put together. I have over a thousand clips available online so, really, this list could go on and on. These are just a few clips that I think are quintessentially “Rene” and total crowd pleasers (if the crowd is a group of horny perverts).

Don’t forget, if you want to see over 50 of my clips in one place, join my member’s site! I update at least once a week (every Friday) and my fans are really raving about it.

So, do you guys agree with me? Are these Rene “must haves?” What are some of your favorite Princess Rene clips?



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  1. UKPayslave says: June 20, 2013

    All of the above are indeed essential Goddess. I remember ‘Its so nice of me to take your money’ the the clip that first pushed me over the edge and popped my financial domination cherry!

    ‘Hypnotic Ass’ is mind-fuckingly good & “Itty Bitty ~Blue Thong’ likewise. There are also some great videos featuring some of your slaves. ‘Sniff my man’s sweaty gym’ shorts made me laugh as well as making me cum. And ultimately made me envy martin.

    Recently ‘Humiliated Jerk Junkie’ has me hooked

  2. billy says: July 21, 2013

    “Screwed by a Little Black Dress” is certainly one of my favorite clips Goddess Rene of Yours. Thank You for sharing Your this list with us.

  3. vicky says: March 28, 2014

    10 humiliating tasks should be in this list

    • Princess Rene says: April 10, 2014

      Many would agree, I’m sure. That one is infamous! A first of its kind.

  4. kevin says: July 15, 2014

    You did good, I liked the one you did in the black tank top


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